Bully Box Natural Dog Treats

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Our Natural Bully Treat Box. This makes a great gift for your favourite pooch.

This contains:

1 x Large cows’ ear – Cow ears are high-protein, low-fat treats which are full of benefits. Since ears are mainly made up of cartilage, they are naturally full of chondroitin. This helps improve the health of joint cartilage, and specifically aids dogs with arthritis, or who are hard-wearing on their joints, such as active, working dogs. Cow ears can also help your dog with improving their oral hygiene. Chewing on cow ears helps to remove plaque from the teeth. A longer lasting natural treat, excellent for cleaning and descaling your dogs. These are also great to stuff with other treats and freeze.  This helps teething.

1 x Udder piece – Great treat for all dogs, puppies and adults, excellent chewing exercise for the teeth and jaws. Makes an irresistible high value treat that is healthy and free of any nasty additives or preservatives. Has a great taste that all dogs appear to love. Brilliant for puppies.

1 x Paddy Whack – is slowly dried to produce a treat which will keep your dog busy for hours.  They are odour-free and help to keep your dog’s teeth in top shape.  They provide a tough chew keeping jaw muscles strong and allowing them to activate natural instincts to gnash and chew. Dogs love the give in the chew and the progress they make while consuming them.  They are easily digestible and soften at the ends to provide a natural source of nutrition.

1 x Tendon – Beef tendons are nutritious, low-fat chews for dogs which help improve dental health, as well as mental health, by providing plenty of chewing time. They also contain glucosamine and chondroitin which helps to improve joint health. Beef tendons are full of connective tissue. This is high in protein and low in fat, and also naturally contains glucosamine and chondroitin. These compounds have been scientifically proven to improve joint cartilage health of osteoarthritic dogs.

1 x Cows Tail – Cow Tail Dog Chew is a tasty toothbrush alternative that is completely free of artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings, cows tail dog chews go down a storm with dogs of all sizes and breed. These beefy chews massage gums and help remove build-ups of plaque while giving your four-legged friend something to do, making them a far healthier and longer-lasting alternative to mass-manufactured dental chews

1 x Pizzzle Piece – Bulls Pizzles are one of our top sellers from our natural treat range. Often also referred to as Bully Sticks, these Bulls Penis parts are a 100% natural alternative to rawhide chews. They are lower in fat, high in protein and fully digestible. They are gentle on the tummy so suitable for puppies of all sizes too!

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