LickiMat Slow Feeder Plate


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LickiMat Slow Feeder Plate

As a pack animal, most dogs will gulp or swallow their meal in a matter of seconds. Gulping can cause major medical issues like as bloat and twisted gut. SloDog is the most effective no-gulp slow feeder available. The majority of slow feeders use obstacles or maze-like designs to make it difficult for the dog to reach the food. To get to the food, the dog has to chase it around the bowl. This can be incredibly aggravating for the dog, causing stress and worry in the animal. SloDog is a novel way to anti-gulping or slow feeding. A significantly larger surface area is provided to the feeding dog by switching from a bowl to a plate. All food is visible and does not need to be pursued, reducing frustration. We simply created a gadget that divides the meal into multiple little meals by dividing the portion into many small shallow pockets. The dog only consumes one small meal at a time. When the dog tries to eat from both pockets at the same time, the food just slips out of the dog’s open mouth.

Colours may vary, one supplied.

Weight .4 kg
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