Twisted Tee Coil Tugger with Handles


Twisted Tee Coil Tugger with Handles

Twist-Tee Tugger toys are unique in that they are made entirely from re-cycled cotton material. They are fully machine washable and come in a variety of vibrant colours*. Ethical and environmentally friendly product.

Not only are they great fun to play with they are also great for teeth and gum health and may reduce behaviours such as furniture and fabric chewing. The loop handled tugger is a classic interactive toy, great fun for dogs and pet parents.

As this item is made from re-cycled materials the colour of the item supplied may differ from the product picture shown.

Caution: Proper supervision is advised when playing with all toys to ensure no accidental swallowing. This toy should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no damage. If any damage is seen the toy should then be discarded.

Weight .2 kg
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