George Barclay ClimaCOOL, Dog Cooling Jacket (Vest)

We all enjoy those warm summer days. However, an increased ambient temperature can cause discomfort for many dogs, as they’re unable to regulate their body temperature as efficiently as us.The George Barclay, ClimaCOOL® Dog Jacket, uses natural evaporative cooling, to help keep you dog cool during hot weather.Features:

  • Reflective top panel to reduce direct heat
  • Integral chest panel
  • 3-Layer construction:
    • Outer layer reflects heat & aids evaporation
    • Extremely absorbent inner core
    • Mesh lining transfers cooling effect to your dog
  • Fully adjustable – girth & collar adjustment
  • Side release buckles for ease of use
  • Built-in leash access point
  • Reflective side trim
  • 7 sizes: XS – XXXL, to suit most breeds

The George Barclay, ClimaCOOL® Dog Jacket, is available in 7 sizes. Use the size guide below to determine the correct size for your dog, then select your chosen size from the drop down menu above.


Size Collar Girth Breed
XS 22cm (8in) 40cm (16in) Chihuahua, Toy Poodle
SML 6cm (10in) 50cm (20in) Border Terrier, Scottie
MED 32cm (12.5in) 60cm (24in) Beagle, French Bulldog
LG 38cm (15in) 75cm (30in) Springer, Dalmation
XXL 50cm (20in) 100cm (40in) Doberman, Weimaraner
XXXL 60cm (24in) 110cm (44in) Great Dane, Newfoundland

Reflective top panel to reduce direct heatExtremely absorbent inner coreFully adjustable – girth and collar adjustmentMachine Washable

User Guide
To use, simply immerse the ClimaCOOL® dog jacket in cold water, then lightly squeeze, to remove some of the excess water. Place your dog’s left front leg through the jacket leg hole, then secure the collar and girth buckles.

Adjust both buckles until the jacket is fitting snuggly. Water can be re-applied to the jacket while your dog is wearing the garment, alternatively the jacket can be removed to be re-immersed in cold water.

Note: During use, ensure the jacket is checked regularly, add cold water if the jacket is drying out.

To clean, machine wash at 30 degrees with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach, air dry.

Weight N/A


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