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Dog Treats

At Greens of Mendip, we believe in natural food for our furry friends. While it's important to ensure your pet is getting the right nutrients for them, treats are a different story! Helpful during training, as a little reward for your pooch, or to expel some energy or provide a distraction, our range of all-natural dog treats and chews will be a hit with both you and your canine. With most of our snacks containing no additives, colourings or unnecessary flavourings, your dog will love our all-natural snacks, and with their numerous and varied health benefits, they'll love your dog too. Our natural treats vary, with plenty of options for you to choose from depending on your pet.

Fish supper

Our air-dried fish snacks such as our Air Dried Sliced Anchovies, Squid Crisps and Dried Sprats make for perfect all-natural treats and chews for smaller and older dogs. Their natural oil content is great for your dog's coat health, adding shine and moisture and helping to reduce itching. Fish also contains anti-inflammatory agents, which are great for joints and mobility in ageing dogs – as are Omega oils 3 & 6 which are also present in fish and can improve memory and behaviour.

Chew time

Natural chews can help your dog expel some of that instinct to chew without damaging your favourite pair of trainers! We stock plenty of great alternatives to bones, which can cause splintering and result in serious injury. Just as delicious, cheap and fun for your dog, why not try one of our natural empty cow hooves, pig's ears, lamb's horns or gently air-dried turkey necks? With more nutritional value than bones and much safer for your pet, they're a win-win!

Training day

For training purposes, or just as a little nibble for your furry friend, something like our Anco Fusions Ostrich Infused Beef Treats will go down a treat. Infused with ostrich for flavour and cold-pressed to retain as much nutritional value as possible, these natural little morsels are also great for teeth cleaning with their rough texture that helps to remove tartar buildup. For special occasions, there's our dog treat selection box which contains a variety of specially selected all-natural dog treats. For the trickiest of dog-owner manoeuvres, administering medicine, there's our Arden Grange Tasty Liver Paste, packed with flavourful pork and pork liver and with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It's perfect for disguising pills or mixing with liquids!

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